Street Grit

Following up from yesterday’s post, I wanted to share a couple of looks that have a True Grit sensibility. Do you agree?

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True Grit Style

USA, 1969 Directed: Henry Hathaway. Starring: John Wayne, Kim Darby and Glen Campbell.

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Firstly I should address the question of was Justin Bieber in the original True Grit? The answer is no. That is Kim Darby who plays Mattie Ross. Who wore the haircut better?

True Grit 1969, True Grit john wayne, kim darby, rooster cogburn, mattie ross

It certainly would be hard to consider True Grit as a conventional “fashion film”. I agree. But with all the recent hype over the new Coen Brothers remake of the 1969 version, I thought it interesting as an example of how film trends infiltrate the fashion scene.

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The film is a classic western in the truest sense and for me, the old cowboy John Wayne who plays Rooster Cogburn (and won his only Oscar), is the most inspiring. It’s getting cold again where I live and I because I don’t have sufficient winter supplies, it’s normal for me to raid my fellow’s. I like Wayne’s necktie combined with a beatdown hat and raggamuffin jacket.

true grit 1969, true grit john wayne, true grit original

But I’m not ready to rock an eye patch…yet.

Goodbye Summer

Bye bye Summer. This clip makes makes me miss you even more 🙁

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