I’m Roz and I come from a teeny town in a tiny country located at one of the most southern points of the earth. I have two major passions in life:   fashion + film

The symbiotic relationship between the cinema and catwalk is well known. They rely on each other immensely. Cinema uses fashion to express the nature of a character as well as to enhance the ambience of a film with colour, tone and texture. Fashion reciprocally takes from film as a continual stream of inspiration.

Even though I often hear people mention films as source of inspiration when dressing up, I have yet to find any spaces that explore and discuss this. And so, it is a pleasure for me to be the first to begin!

I hope for this blog to be a space to publish fashion inspiration found in the characters, costumes, story and mise-en-scène of film. Perhaps if I overcome my shyness, I may venture out to some outfit posts.

I’d love if YOU continue to drop by!

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